Jeffrey Mandel is a partner at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC. He has taught Appellate Advocacy at Rutgers Law School and Seton Law Law School for over fifteen years. Jeffrey Mandel is also a general litigator who handles trials. He is one of only approximately 3% of all lawyers Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney. He handles civil and criminal cases at the trial and appellate level. In 2015, the State law journal honored Jeff Mandel for obtaining one of the highest jury verdict awards in New Jersey.

     The 2018 edition of New Jersey Appellate Practice is now available at Gann Law Books. In the 2018 edition, Jeffrey S. Mandel, Esq. provides a how-to guide for New Jersey appeals.  

     Jeffrey Mandel presents the steps in New Jersey Appellate Practice that must be taken to effectuate an interlocutory appeal in New Jersey.

     If you seek a New Jersey appeal lawyer, contact Jeffrey Mandel at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Mandel LLC, 973-921-0003. For more information on New Jersey interlocutory appeals, check out this website. For more information on Jeffrey Mandel, visit one of his many websites, including Jeffrey Mandel's personal sites: or

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Jeff Mandell is a New Jersey lawyer for appeals

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New Jersey Appellate Practice

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Jeffrey Mandel is also a New Jersey trial lawyer.

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Jeffrey Mandel is a New Jersey lawyer who handles New Jersey appeals.

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Jeffrey Mandel is a New Jersey appeal lawyer.

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